The Football Season Doesn’t End

If you don’t know much about southern football history and traditions, you might think that the football season is over. We, those of us who have been following southern football since before the NFL decided it was appropriate to locate one their teams further south than the capital of the United States, know better.

Football season must end before it can begin. In case you were born in an area where hockey was considered an alternative to football, or where the conclusion of professional baseball season is more important that Thursday night junior high school football, I will give you some information.

Football in the north is different from football in the south. You can get tickets to the stadium in the north ten minutes before kickoff. The south has a waiting list that you can sign up for ten months in advance. You then have to pay a second mortgage to get a trailer and wait for an opening. There have been many divorces and, I am told, murders over who owns the season tickets.

We call these mixed marriages when a Alabama boy marries an Auburn belle or a Mississippi lawyer’s son marries a Mississippi State farmer’s daughter. Family get-togethers are free of weapons.

The differences in parking at football games are also evident. The university in the north opens its campus for parking just a few hours before the game. South, RVs with school flags arrive Wednesday and set up their smokers.

In the south, tailgating is a different thing. Tailgating in the north is a meal that includes sausage, avocado sandwiches, and a beer with lime. It’s usually served on a portable picnic bench. A custom 30-foot pig-shaped smoker heats up in the south at dawn. Only the cooking contest can compete with the soccer live score game. The winners will want to bury their trophy with them, along with a certificate stating “Best Hog Cooker”, on their tombstones.


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